ABI Research: A piracy forecast likely rendered moot by coronavirus

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In a Q1 2020 report, ABI Research forecasts that video providers will spend $172M on anti-piracy platforms in 2021, rising to $229M in 2024; about 10% of the overall market opportunity for video security technologies.

ABI also forecasts the losses to video providers in North America that may be attributed to piracy to be “over $4 billion per year,” which is less than half the rate forecast for 2019 ($9.1B) by a Parks Associates report published in January 2020.

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Read the ABI Research press release

Why it matters

The second quarter of 2020 has confirmed once and for all that forecasts made before the coronavirus pandemic took hold had grossly underestimated the size and nature of the risk as the pandemic plays out.

Piracy Monitor believes that the rates of piracy will prove to be much greater, during and after the pandemic; and that accordingly, so will spending for anti-piracy technologies and professional services by video service providers, content owners and by rights-holders.

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