Here are industry reports and other research reference items in three categories:
  • From government agencies, academia and from market researchers
  • From industry-based organizations and technology suppliers
  • From technical standards organizations and industry standards advocates

Research from Government Agencies, Academia and Market Researchers

Industry-produced Research

Technical Standards & Guidelines

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From Piracy Monitor

Fierce Video: Piracy patterns are starting to emerge

By Steve Hawley Fierce Video's Industry Voices column has published "Coronavirus piracy trends in the new normal," our...

Fierce Video: Monthly video piracy column

The industry journal Fierce Video publishes a monthly column by Piracy Monitor's Steve Hawley. Access them at Fierce...

Parks Report & Global Forecast: Video Piracy Ecosystem, Risks, and Impact

Parks Associates: Piracy and account sharing cost US pay-TV and OTT operators more than $9 billion in 2019...
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