Five million pirates in the Nordic countries, says Mediavision’s research

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Following on the heels of Mediavision research into piracy in Sweden, which rose to 28% in April in that country, the researcher said that an increasing number of households across all the Nordic countries choose to subscribe to illegal TV services.

Currently, 25 percent of all 15-74-year-olds in the Nordics say they have downloaded or illegally streamed films, series or live sports in the last month. This means that there are roughly 5 million pirates in the Nordics, which is about 400,000 more than the previous year. This is evident from recently published data from Mediavision.

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About 1.3 million households in the Nordics pay to gain illegal access to thousands of TV and streaming services this way; an increase of 16 percent compared to 2023.

Mediavision compiles quarterly and bi-annual reports about the media industry in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, which are based on consumer surveys and other market intelligence

Further reading

Mediavision: 5 million pirates in the Nordics. Press release. May 28, 2024. Mediavision

Sweden: Rising popularity of illegal TV services sparks campaign by Nordic Content Protection. Article. May 22, 2024. by Steven Hawley. Piracy Monitor

Why it matters

“Piracy is still a problem in the Nordics. Financial pressure on households combined with generally increased prices for legal alternatives are factors that have likely contributed to growth,” commented Natalia Borelius, analyst at Mediavision.


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