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Piracy Monitor publisher tvstrategies (Advanced Media Strategies LLC) offers market research and customized consulting for video service and content providers as well as for professionals and suppliers who align with the media and entertainment industry.  Contact Piracy Monitor for further details.
Market Research: video piracy category tracking service

Piracy Monitor offers an annual market tracking service.  Contact us for details and pricing.

Pricing and further details are available upon request

Consulting: subject matter expertise

tvstrategies offers business & technical expertise in these areas:

  • End-to-end infrastructure to enable video to any consumer video device, over any access
  • User experience (UEx) and app development
  • Multiscreen video security (MPEG & Streaming video)
  • Anti-piracy to fight unauthorized access, theft & redistribution of video content

We have led teams and projects, and produce competitive, technology, product and marketing analysis for consulting clients.  One of our projects was to lead an entire IP-video service platform project which delivers live TV and cloud DVR services to mobile and fixed streaming-capable consumer devices.  That project started with conceptualization and feasibility, and is now in commercial service on a national scale.

Types of consultation
tvstrategies work and consultation experience includes:
  • Program management for operators and video providers
  • Custom-defined technology and strategic marketing research for operators and technology suppliers
  • Marketing programs support: See Co-marketing Programs
Program management
tvstrategies is experienced in leading operators through the entire TV service life-cycle:
  • Opportunity analysis: Market and competitive analysis
  • Feasibility analysis: Technical and Business feasibility
  • Solution requirements-development, definition,
  • End-to-end systems design, solution architecture,
  • RFP process, vendor qualification and selection
  • Systems implementation, operationalization, launch
  • Ongoing service and product roadmap
For Technology suppliers
Strategic and project-level support in a product management type of role
  • Product analysis: Competitive analysis, Features & Functionality,
  • Product Portfolio harmonization, Product roadmap
  • Strategic marketing: Marketing claim validation. Positioning and messaging at a company, portfolio or product level.
  • Intellectual Property: Patent claim evaluation, Expert witness
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