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Piracy Monitor publisher tvstrategies (Advanced Media Strategies LLC) offers customized consulting services for video and broadband service providers, and for suppliers of technology platforms that support the media and entertainment industry.  Collaboration is also available for systems integrators and other providers of professional services that support video distributors.

We can lead projects from conceptualization through acquisition, operationalization and transition to commercial service.  Contact Piracy Monitor for further details.

For Video Service Providers

To determine, build and operationalize the end-to-end service delivery and anti-piracy infrastructure, consumer experiences and operational competencies needed to securely deliver video to any consumer video device.

Situation recognition
  • Better understand the nature and scope of piracy in general – or for a specific situation
  • Identify opportunity costs and risks to the business if no action is taken
Feasibility analysis
  • Determine whether an initiative can be achieved with available solutions, within budget
  • identify the alternative approaches, models, architectures and technologies, and their pros and cons for your individual situation
  • Develop measures of success, which can help validate whether or not an initiative worth the effort and expense
Infrastructure acquisition and deployment
  • Develop actionable service and functional requirements, identify supplier candidates based on SWOT analysis specific to your situation
  • Manage the RFP process and pre-commitment qualification testing, select finalists
  • Oversee systems and software acquisition, app design and development, integration and acceptance testing
  • Ensure adequate test facilities, operational and support processes, and documentatation
Program management
  • Harness our experience in designing and building multiscreen video delivery infrastructure, TV and cloud DVR apps, and end-user experience
  • Orchestration across vendors and across the customer organization to help meet goals and deadlines

For technology providers

Guidance toward building differentiated solutions that enable video service providers to do their best.

Product management
  • Identify market needs, available solutions, functional and technical requirements 
  • Conduct category and market segment research, competitive SWOT analysis, trend analysis
  • Analyze product and service portfolios and identify gaps in current offerings
  • Assist with build-vs-buy decisions, partnership development
  • Advise on product roadmap, to envision the solution to be offered in years ahead
Intellectual Property
  • Expert witness with experience in US federal and district-level cases
  • Patent claim review

Consulting roles

  • Team leader, where no internal resource or subject-matter expert is available
  • Working team-member or resource to complement internal teams
  • Outside resource to help justify IP video and anti-piracy initiatives
  • Marketing resource, to contribute to marketing strategy, tactical marketing programs, content development
Available relationships
  • On a project basis
  • As a retained leader or subject matter expert
  • As an ad-hoc advisor, available on call (time-based)

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