About Piracy Monitor

Piracy Monitor is an independent information service with the mission to inform about video piracy: the size of the problem, how it happens, the damage it causes, what’s being done about it, and about countermeasures and practices that help reduce the associated risks.
Why Piracy Monitor?

Until recently, video piracy has been somewhat below the radar of the supplier and distribution communities that serve the media and entertainment industry and its advertisers.  It’s an area where trust is particularly important.  We launched Piracy Monitor as an independent voice, supported by the parties that serve the industry.

Piracy Monitor features include
  • The Piracy Monitor Web site, a news and reference resource about video piracy and anti-piracy
  • Articles and papers from Sponsors, Piracy Monitor and tvstrategies.
  • The Piracy Monitor E-Newsletter: A free email available by subscription.  Includes a News Feed with current and recent occurrences of video piracy, technical solutions and trends.
  • The Piracy Monitor Annual Report: A paid annual report scheduled for Q4 2019 release. A Piracy Monitor Quarterly Update will be issued each quarter.

Sponsors can communicate their positions as industry leaders and trusted advisors with articles, news releases and white papers; using targeted campaigns, advertisements and increased Web visibility.

Supplemented by Customized Consulting
  • Market Intelligence: to be a client’s eyes and ears at conferences and trade shows
  • Meeting proxy: meet with partners or customers at events on client’s behalf, with or without client.
  • Strategic support: business strategy, market strategy, competitive / swot analysis.  
  • Product development support: Porfolio analysis. Product roadmap. Requirements development.
  • Project and program management: Piracy Monitor can provide leadership in support of customer engagements, app development, infrastructure build-out, RFP management

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