About Piracy Monitor

Piracy Monitor is a market intelligence service that identifies the risks posed by piracy and anti-piracy solutions as a technology category.  Piracy Monitor also serves as an industry marketing resource for video providers, their technology suppliers and other experts, to help them communicate with media and entertainment industry stakeholders who are vulnerable to piracy.

Managing Director Steve Hawley founded Piracy Monitor in 2019 to highlight the risks of digital media piracy.  Piracy has far-reaching effects on video service providers, rights-holders, consumers and creative professionals worldwide.  Subscribe to the Piracy Monitor newsletter.  

Mr Hawley’s consulting practice, tvstrategies (Advanced Media Strategies LLC), was established in 2001 to help video providers and their technology suppliers assess, enable, build, integrate and protect the delivery of high-value video programming to any consumer device.

Industry Awareness Programs
  • This Piracy Monitor Web site, a news and reference resource about video piracy and anti-piracy
  • The Piracy Monitor E-Newsletter: A free email available by subscription.  Includes a News Feed with current and recent occurrences of video piracy, technical solutions and trends.
  • Articles, papers and Webinars with partners, sponsors, industry leaders, 
Industry Marketing

Piracy Monitor Sponsorships add a valuable voice to your services, products and solutions by delivering your message to a refined and specialized industry audience.  There are four sponsorship levels.  

Each level has a different mix of benefits, among the following:

  • Outbound Communications
  • Advertising
  • Online content
  • Fulfillment pieces
  • Events
Market Intelligence Service

Publisher of the Piracy Monitor 2021 Annual Report and Piracy Monitor Category Intelligence Service.  

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  • The Piracy Monitor Annual Report, a category analysis of piracy methodologies and anti-piracy solutions, including a comparison of solutions and services available from industry suppliers.
  • The Piracy Monitor Quarterly Update from the quarter just-ended, including analysis of news, trends, emerging piracy situations and use cases; new anti-piracy solutions, arrests, shutdowns, and other problems solved; guest contributions and other items of note across the piracy & anti-piracy landscape.
  • Piracy Monitor Category Intelligence Service, available by annual subscription. Includes listings and profiles of individual piracy cases, including their features and business models. Also, includes an anti-piracy solution tracker, operator case studies and monthly updates.
  • Customized market intelligence consultation is also available privately, by request.
  • The Annual Report and Quarterly Update are part of a market tracker subscription or separately.
Bespoke Consulting

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