About Piracy Monitor

Piracy Monitor is a market intelligence and marketing communications service with a dedicated focus on piracy and anti-piracy solutions.  It provides an industry marketing resource to video providers, their technology suppliers, industry organizations and subject-matter experts who wish to communicate directly with media industry stakeholders who need support in successfully navigating through the risks and mitigating the problem.

Piracy Monitor is supported through sponsorship.  Companies and organizations that sponsor Piracy Monitor receive a range of marketing communications deliverables, including dedicated outbound direct mail campaigns, opportunities to place content in the bi-weekly Piracy Monitor Newsletter, dedicated space to place content and advertising on the Piracy Monitor Web site, Webinar support and more.  Further details and fees are available upon request.

Piracy Monitor offers services in the following four areas:

Industry Awareness Programs
  • This Piracy Monitor Web site, a news and reference resource about video piracy and anti-piracy
  • The Piracy Monitor E-Newsletter: A free email available by subscription.  Includes a News Feed with current and recent occurrences of video piracy, technical solutions and trends.
  • Articles, papers and Webinars with partners, sponsors, industry leaders, 
Industry Marketing

Piracy Monitor Sponsorship adds a valuable voice to your services, products and solutions by delivering your message to a refined and specialized industry audience.  There are two Sponsorship levels.

Bespoke Consulting
Market Intelligence Service

Piracy Monitor is available to conduct customized research about piracy and the solutions that help to fight it.

  • Category analysis of piracy methodologies and anti-piracy solutions, including a comparison of solutions and services available from industry suppliers.
  • Customized market intelligence consultation is also available privately, by request.

Free E-Newsletter

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