Piracy Monitor sponsorship

Piracy Monitor offers marketing communications, advertising, email marketing and other collaborative programs under a Sponsorship program. 

Direct your marketing communications to a specialized and sophisticated audience.  There are two Piracy Monitor sponsorship levels.

Sponsor Program Benefits

Outbound communications
  • Email: Dedicated email campaigns and landing pages
  • Social: to Piracy Monitor LinkedIn, Twitter
  • In the Piracy Monitor E-Newsletter
  • On the Piracy Monitor Web site
  • In-line, within individual articles and Web pages
Online content
  • Piracy Monitor site: Dedicated Sponsor pages
  • Press releases: via Web Newsfeed, E-Newsletter
Branded downloadable items
  • e-books: Solution briefs, White papers, Case studies
  • Tie in with dedicated email campaigns, landing pages
  • Written by the Sponsor or by Piracy Monitor
Event support
  • Webinars: Organizing and promoting, moderating, speaking
  • Conferences: Presentations, moderated panels, session tracks
  • Use Piracy Monitor to lead private or in-booth sessions at events
  • Commission Piracy Monitor to help build the event content

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