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Piracy Monitor provides news and insights about video piracy: the theft of live and on-demand programming, movies, pay TV services, advertising and network capacity through illegal use.  Piracy has real and lasting effects on consumers, rights-holders and service providers and deprives working creative professionals of their livelihoods.

Learn more about piracy.  Piracy Monitor is an initiative of tvstrategies (Advanced Media Strategies LLC), and is active in four areas: Piracy Awareness, Market Intelligence, Industry Marketing and Consulting.   

Current and recent news items

Korean ministry is first to join new INTERPOL anti-piracy initiative

The five-year INTERPOL Stop Online Piracy (I-SOP) initiative "will counter online piracy and crimes involving intellectual property rights infringement, identifying and dismantling linked illicit...

Hidden Vulnerabilities in Legacy and Third Party Software

By Christopher Rae, SVP of Sales, APAC, Verimatrix The headlines about the recent SolarWinds data breach have brought three security risks center-stage: end of life software,...

Denmark: Sentences handed down for Plex family sharer and for DanishBits

Denmark's Rights Alliance provided updates on two cases that it has been involved with.  First, the operator of the DanishBits pirate site - one...

UK: RAFer convicted for fraud, sentenced and demoted

The UK-based Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) reported the arrest and sentencing of a Royal Air Force Corporal, who also received a reduction in...

New Media powerhouse files $100M piracy complaint for prize fight

TrillerNet, which acquired the FITE boxing site as part of a partnership with musician Snoop Dogg earlier in April and rebranded it as The Fight Club, has filed a piracy complaint in...

Friend MTS and Akamai integrate anti-piracy and the network edge

Anti-piracy developer Friend MTS and network provider Akamai Technologies announced an expanded partnership to offer content owners, broadcasters and operators an integrated server-side A/B variant watermarking solution based on the Friend...

Millions of TV app “watchers” are actually a botnet, mining for ad revenue

A mobile botnet called PARETO, running on nearly a million Android devices and masquerading as millions of TV app users, has been exposed as making an average of 650...

Europe: AAPA announces 2021 priorities, co-hosts anti-piracy event with INTERPOL

In April, the Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA), in collaboration with INTERPOL, held a Webinar event on the importance of collaboration in the international fight against piracy.  Over 275 participants, including...

Denmark: Authorities continue to press against pirates in two cases

Denmark's Public Prosecutor for Special Economic and International Crime (SØIK) arrested two people in mid-April for illegally redistributing 4,000 channels of unlicensed TV programming over the Internet; reaching about...

Will a change in strategy mean a change in piracy?

By Mark Mulready The Video Entertainment landscape drastically changed throughout the past 12 months. Cinemas have been left derelict, with dust gathering on large screens and popcorn machines no longer...

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