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Piracy Monitor provides news and insights about digital piracy: the theft of video and audiovisual content, advertising, and content entitlements, and the effects of piracy on consumers, rights-holders, service providers and creative professionals.  We’re active in four areas: Piracy awareness, Market intelligence, Industry marketing and Consulting.   

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Fortune: As interest in streaming grows among the house-bound, so does piracy

"With strict quarantine and shelter-in-place orders issued in coronavirus-affected areas worldwide, a surge in home entertainment was practically a given. But even as it...

Blackbeard: North Carolina isn’t pirating video of pirate, says US Supreme Court

In a strangely ironic decision, the US Supreme Court upheld the State of North Carolina's claim of soverign immunity over a lawsuit filed by...

Indonesia: Government minister urges people not to stream illegally at home

“With all due respect, please stop streaming illegal movies,” said Indonesia's Communications and Information Minister.  There has been a significant rise in internet traffic...

Coronavirus: Live theatre and movie industries innovate as attack surfaces proliferate

Everyone agrees that the show must go on.  Now that it's clear to most people that the coronavirus is not a short-term situation, the...

Motherboard: Coronavirus resurrects Popcorn Time piracy site

Vice updates us about Popcorn Time, a self-proclaimed 'Netflix for piracy' service" which came back earlier in March as people around the world are quarantined or...

New Jersey: US state warns of cyberthreats tied to coronavirus

The New Jersey Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell, a division of the US state's Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, warns state residents to...

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