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Piracy Monitor provides news and insights about digital piracy: the theft of valuable programming, services, content, advertising and its effect on consumers, rights-holders, service providers and creative professionals.

Learn more about piracy.  Piracy Monitor is an initiative of tvstrategies (Advanced Media Strategies LLC), and is active in four areas: Piracy Awareness, Market Intelligence, Industry Marketing and Consulting.   

Current & recent news items

Spain: LaLiga football league wins recognition for its anti-piracy efforts

LaLiga, the Spanish football league, won 'Best in Anti-piracy" in SportsPro's OTT Awards 2020. It is the second year in a row that LaLiga...

Netherlands: BREIN establishes directory of piracy repeat offenders

The Dutch copyright advocacy group BREIN initiated a six month campaign to partner with Dutch ISPs in an effort to track frequent uploaders of...

USTR Notorious Markets report: Do some companies want regulators to look the other way?

In September, the Office of the United States Trade Representative issued a request for comments, to help identify online and physical markets to be...

European Commission presents IPR action plan for next EU policy cycle

A November paper by the European Commission presents an IP rights and piracy action plan for regulators. According to the paper, "The (European) Commission will,...

GitHub takes down MediaBox HD APK, but the app is still available elsewhere

The Motion Picture Association asked Microsoft's GitHub, an open source software community used for software distribution and version control, to take down an Android...

Taiwan: Freeze of $2.3 Million in pirates’ assets requested in anti-piracy case

Two men were indicted in Taiwan, who were suspected of operating a piracy operation called 8maple.ru,.  Authorities requested that about US$2.35 million in assets...

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