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Piracy Monitor provides news and insights about video piracy: the theft of live and on-demand programming, movies, pay TV services, advertising and network capacity through illegal use.  Piracy has real and lasting effects on consumers, rights-holders and service providers and deprives working creative professionals of their livelihoods.

Learn more about piracy.  Piracy Monitor is an initiative of tvstrategies (Advanced Media Strategies LLC), and is active in four areas: Piracy Awareness, Market Intelligence, Industry Marketing and Consulting.   

Current and recent news items

Europe: AAPA announces 2021 priorities, co-hosts anti-piracy event with INTERPOL

The Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA), based in Europe, is an industry organization representing companies involved in the provision of protected audiovisual services, security technology...

Denmark: Authorities continue to press against pirates in two cases

Denmark's Public Prosecutor for Special Economic and International Crime (SØIK) arrested two people in mid-April for illegally redistributing 4,000 channels of unlicensed TV programming...

Will a change in strategy mean a change in piracy?

By Mark Mulready The Video Entertainment landscape drastically changed throughout the past 12 months. Cinemas have been left derelict, with dust gathering on large screens...

Philippines: ISPs sign site blocking pact with government IPR office

The Asia Video Industry Association's Coalition Against Piracy (AVIA-CAP) has helped shepherd a Memorandum of Understanding to establish an administrative site blocking process against piracy...

Videos: AVIA’s Piracy Over The Top Summit

The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) held its OTT Summit at the end of March, with a day dedicated to Piracy Over The Top. Neil Gane, the General Manager...

Piracy Monitor perspective: Why anti-piracy needs technical standards

It seems that the recognition phase of video piracy has finally passed. A year ago, there were still lots of questions about the existence of piracy and its magnitude....

Russia: Reports say 2020 pirate revenue dipped 7%; legal use rose by 66%

A Group-IB report says that piracy revenue in Russia was down in 2020 by 7%, compared with a 27% drop in 2019, when one of Europe's largest pirates was...

Law firm says Infringement Laws May Not Apply to Internet Apps

Talkov Law Corp. says that two US laws cover signal theft from satellite services (47 USC section 605) and cable TV (47 US section 553), but "if a signal...

India: South Asian OTT lodges pirate complaint, uncovers major operation

YuppTV, an online video provider in India, complained to police in Faridabad that a seller of face masks and personal protective equipment was also stealing programming from Indian TV providers...

China: Is nationalist sentiment driving piracy down?

A writer from China and all of his friends grew up watching movies and TV shows from other countries, with Chinese subtitles. Only when he moved to Hong Kong...

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