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Taiwan: Heavy consumer access to pirate video continues

The Asia Video Industry Video Association (AVIA) released 2019 survey data for online viewing behavior by consumers.  It found that 33% of consumers have...

Connected TV World Summit: Panel to include beIN Media

Connected TV World Summit, which takes place in London on March 18 and 19, 2020, will include a segment dedicated to video piracy at...

Synamedia: A Guide to Addressing Streaming Video Credentials Sharing the Smart Way

There are two forms of video account credential sharing: casual and fraudulent.  While technically, casual sharing among family and friends as a goodwill...

MusicWatch piracy outlook: What can the video industry learn?

MusicWatch, a market research service for the music and entertainment industry, released a summary of new research about online music piracy.  The music industry...

Bulgaria: Six video piracy operations shut down by Europol & EUIPO

Europol announced that the Supreme Prosecutor's Office of Cassation of Bulgaria led an operation against six illegal IP-video distributors in that country.  The operation...

DISH Network’s blockchain-enhanced anti-piracy patent application is published

The US Patent and Trademark Office published US Patent Application #20200012765, submitted in 2018 by the number two satellite TV provider in the US, DISH...

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