About tvstrategies

Established in 2001, tvstrategies (Advanced Media Strategies LLC) has helped more than 50 video service and technology providers understand and build the systems and software infrastructure that enables secure delivery of IP video services to any screen at scale.  tvstrategies has designed and built multichannel TV and cloud DVR service platforms and apps that are in service today at scale.

tvstrategies also produces technical category analysis and market research both privately and in collaboration with well known research organizations, and is also an experienced expert for intellectual property matters.

Services and Expertise

tvstrategies work and consultation experience includes:

  • Program management with direct experience leading projects to define and build multiscreen video service delivery infrastructure and streaming video apps
  • Custom-defined technology and strategic market and product research for operators and technology suppliers
  • Marketing strategy and tactical marketing programs support
Further details are available on the tvstrategies Web site.

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