Australia: In Oz, a year like no other

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Creative Content Australia submits its own summary of the year soon to end.

According to CCA, the biggest win in the war against piracy this year was Google Australia’s initiative to take down more than 800 piracy sites.  Although many of those sites quickly re-appeared on Google by creating proxy or mirror sites, Google has been blocking them as soon as they appear. 

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This action was prompted by a June ruling by Australia’s Federal Court that required ISPs to take reasonable steps to block access to new sites, including torrent directories, unofficial streaming sites and proxy unblockers.

Read the entire article at CCA’s Content Cafe

The Australian government also announced copyright reforms that include allowing the use of material if the copyright owner cannot be found; simplifying and updating copyright exceptions for education and cultural institutions and streamlining of statutory licensing.

Why it matters

From a piracy perspective, Australia (and New Zealand) share more in common with other advanced countries in the South Asia or “Asia-Pacific” region, and because those countries dealt effectively with Coronavirus, their achievements and concerns regarding piracy were different than they were in Europe or the US.

People on the other side of the world from Australia think of that country mostly as a member of the British Commonwealth, when in fact, Australia left it in 1986.

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