Australia: ISPs ordered to block 86 pirate sites

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Australian Internet service providers have been ordered by the Federal Court of Australia to add 86 pirate Web sites to the sites already being blocked in that country.   Eleven media companies participated in the case, including Australia-based Roadshow Films, Village Roadshow Films, Disney Enterprises, Universal, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Netflix, Paramount, Columbia Pictures and others.   A total of 50 ISPs were identified, including Telstra, Optus, Virgin Mobile, M2 Wholesale, Primus and numerous others.

The decision document sets up processes, with time limits, that help ensure that ISPs have complied with take-down requests.  Consumers attempting to access these pirate sites must be informed that they are attempting to access infringing sites that have been disabled due to copyright infringement, and be given ways to access legitimate sites.

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Read the Court’s decision, in “Roadshow Films Pty Limited vs Telstra Corporation Limited (No 2) [2020] FCA 769

Why it matters

The decision sets up a process with accountability, to help minimize the likelihood that consumers are given access to infringing sites and content, once infringement has been detected and the ISP has been notified.

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