AVIA reports regulator collaborations, a piracy setback and a new GM

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Image source: AVIA CAP

The Asia Video Industry Alliance quarterly newsletter reported anti-piracy accomplishments in the region, as well as some rising concerns:

  • In April the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) signed an MOU with AVIA to develop an antipiracy policy framework, followed by an agreement between IPOPHL, ISPs and the Philippines National Telecommunciations Commission to establish a pirate site blocking process
  • Thailand is taking input toward amending its Copyright Amendment Bill. AVIA suggested improvements to site blocking provisions
  • AVIA opened a dialog with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority to offer regulatory advice
  • In Vietnam, piracy was up 50% in 2020, over 2019.  60% of consumers there use pirate streaming or torrent sites.
  • A study of malware in the region is underway
  • Social media app Telegram is emerging as a leading vector for piracy, with encrypted groups as large as 200,000 users sharing privately.
  • AVIA’s Coalition Against Piracy has a new General Manager, Aaron Herps.

Read the quarterly report (PDF, June 2021)

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AVIA’s quarterly and annual reports are openly available for download (Download Centre)

Why it matters

AVIA is at the forefront of piracy awareness and anti-piracy advocacy.  The organization provides a forum that enables governments, law enforcement, content providers and service providers to work together in the Southeast Asia region.

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