BBC Studios exec has perspectives and advice on Australia

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In an interview with Creative Content Australia, Diane Hamer, BBC Studios’ Head of Business and Legal Affairs, Content and Brand Protection, recently shared her perspectives on anti-piracy efforts in Australia.

She noted that “Australia has a sophisticated IP regime, which in principle offers appropriate tools to assist rights owners to protect their content. One such tool is the ability to apply to the court for site blocking injunctions requiring ISPs and other intermediaries to block access to pirate websites.”

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“The UK has a dedicated IP crime taskforce (PIPCU – Police Intellectual Property Crimes Unit) which has proved hugely effective in tackling all manner of IP crime,” said Ms. Hamer, but “as far as I am aware, there is no dedicated unit within the Australian Federal Police that specifically tackles this.”

Piracy Monitor interviewed Ms Hamer earlier this year.

Read the entire article via Creative Content Australia

Why it matters

Along the theme of “It takes a village” to fight piracy, sharing of perspectives between creative advocates, anti-piracy groups, broadcasters, law enforcement and government officials has slowly but surely made a difference.

Over the past year or two, countries in the Asia-Pacific region that have implemented site blocking policies have seen dramatic decreases in piracy.

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