Brazil: Behind high-profile anti-piracy operations, government agencies strategize

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At IP Cyber Talks Interconnection, an event organized by the Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime (GAECO) of Brazil’s Public Prosecutor’s Office in São Paulo, government stake-holders discussed effective strategies to combat cybercrime with an emphasis on preventive measures against digital piracy.

The event had an international flavor, as authorities from four Brazilian states and two officers of the Italian Finance Guard participated in the event. Advances in techniques used to investigate virtual crimes, which have resulted from the partnership between the Public Prosecutor’s Office of São Paulo and Italian authorities, were also analyzed.

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The importance of cooperation between the various supervisory bodies was emphasized, highlighting successes of Operation 404, which since 2019 has been conducted in six phases so far.

Other participants in the event included Brazil’s National Council for Combating Piracy and Crimes Against Intellectual Property (CNCP), of the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon), and the Laboratory of Cybernetics (Ciberlab), of the National Secretariat of Public Security (Senasp)

Further reading

MJSP secretariats discuss the fight against digital piracy during an event in São Paulo. Press release. May 13, 2024. Ministry of Justice and Public Security (Brazil)

Why it matters

Operation 404 has proven to be a highly successful initiative. In the latest (March 2023) stage, i11 people were arrested in different states. In addition, 199 illegal streaming and game sites have been removed, as well as 63 music applications. The action was supported by countries such as the United Kingdom and Peru, highlighting the scope and importance of international collaboration in the fight against digital piracy.

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