Copyright organizations of Japan, Korea hold joint workshop to develop collaboration

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Members of the Copyright Overseas promotion Association (COA) of Korea and COA member companies visited the Copyright Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) of Japan and held an exchange program with members from CODA and CODA member companies, to discuss the possibility of Japan and Korea working together to address the growing number of online infringements across borders.

The exchange program started with a welcome speech by CODA Representative Director Goto, as the opening ceremony. President Han Kyoo Jo and Auditor Sang Hyeok Im of COA then gave congratulatory speeches.

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The subsequent workshop was divided into sections for broadcasters and publishers. CODA Director of Overseas Copyright Protection Masaharu Ina, explained CODA’s recent measures against infringement in both sections, and Mr. Sang Pil An (Copyright Specialist/Legal Affairs) of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) in the broadcasting section and Mr. Young Kook Kwon (Senior Manager/IP Legal Team) of Kakao Entertainment in the publishing section gave presentations on how they handle copyright infringement.

More than 30 representatives were in attendance. Lively discussions and question-and-answer sessions were held in each section. The workshop exceeded the scheduled time, and was followed by a working dinner.

Further reading

CODA and COA of Korea held exchange program for member companies.  Press release. November 30, 2023. CODA (Content Overseas Distribution Association, Japan)

Why it matters

A statement by CODA sums it up concisely: “Against the backdrop of recent and increasingly serious global copyright infringements, rights holders need to engage in cooperative discussions and reach a common understanding of appropriate responses. In addition, in order to strengthen the effectiveness of anti-piracy measures, it has become important for as many rights holders as possible, regardless of country or content genre, to respond jointly. This workshop and exchange program was planned as an exchange program to explore ways of cooperation between members of the two organizations to effectively counter pirate sites and illegal uploads, and to study practical measures to be taken overseas.”

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