THR: Cracking down on password sharing

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The Hollywood Reporter detailed how media companies and online video distributors are taking the initiative to reduce credential sharing.

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is taking a leadership role in addressing this issue by announcing a working group to reduce it. ACE was established in 2017 as a partnership of the Motion Picture Association of America with more than 30 major content creators, working with law enforcement, content protection organizations and the Internet ecosystem to address piracy

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Read the entire article at The Hollywood Reporter

Why it’s meaningful

Cracking down on password sharing is one of the low-hanging fruit of anti-piracy. At the same time, one senior pay TV executive told me that this is more difficult than it seems, and that they are experimenting with sharing detection and anti-sharing algorithms that have many variables and branching logic.

Password sharing is a well-known and well-documented situation: the sharing of shared credentials that are in turn shared. Like the old shampoo commercial: they share to two friends, who share to two friends, and so on, and so on. Each iteration increases the probability that credentials will fall into the hands of pirates.

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