Denmark: Case study of nude scenes shared on Reddit helps students learn about copyright

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The Danish Rights Alliance, together with the Danish Actors’ Association, launched a lesson via Gyldendal, Denmark’s oldest and largest publishing house, to teach young people about image sharing and consent on social media.

Showcased in the lesson is a 2023 case from Reddit.  While illegal sharing of intimate content and copyrighted materials are nothing new, the sharing of nude scenes from films via social media intersects both concerns: it’s both illegal and violates the principle of respect to the actors and directors involved.

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Rights Alliance and the Actors’ Association notified police of the Reddit case, where at least 347 nude scenes with more than 100 female actors were shared with more than 6,000 anonymous users in a closed Reddit group.  Once confirmed, it was quickly shut down.  Many actors don’t know that it’s possible to intervene against such illegal sharing, which is the point that gave rise to this educational program.

The actual lesson and further details about the Reddit case itself at the time that it happened are listed below.

Further reading

Shared 4.2 million times: New course on respected rights, image sharing and consent.  Article. January 15, 2024. Danish Rights Alliance (Auto-translated from Danish to English using Google Translate)

Delt 4,2 millioner gange (Shared 4.2 million times).  Online publication. December 2023. Samfundsfag, Gyldendal (in Danish)

Denmark: If an actor’s nude scenes are on Reddit, whose rights are violated?  Article. June 5, 2023. Piracy Monitor

Why it matters

“Creative content is created with the heart, ambition and personal investment of those involved, which is why it is so important that we have copyright to protect those who make a living from creating films and other forms of creative content,” said the director of the Rights Alliance, Maria Fredenslund.  “With the teaching process, we hope to be able to increase respect for other people’s content, and teach young people about where the limits of image sharing are.”

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