Denmark: Focusing on ‘incarnated users’ and educating the public

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Rights AllianceIn December, the Danish Rights Alliance announced the closure of the last two pirate sites operating in Denmark.  With that, 75% have turned to legal services.  In January, it turned its attention to the future.  Part of that is to deal with the remaining 25%, which Rights Alliance refers to as ‘inkarnerede brugere’ (in English: ‘incarnated users’).

One way will be by working with the IP Task force of the Danish Public Prosecutor for Special Economic and International Crime (SØIK), and using tools to identify and track them.

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Read the Rights Alliance article about the ‘incarnated users’ (Translated to English by Google Translate)

Another way is by informing the public.  To that end, Rights Alliance and the Danish Chamber of Commerce are conducting a Webinar on February 24.

Learn more about the Webinar here (Translated to English by Google Translate).

Why it matters

Although three quarters of pirate consumers have turned to legal services with the shutdowns, it will take different means to turn the remaining 25%; and some of those users may be incorrigible.

Just as there is no single countermeasure to fight piracy, there is no single way to deal with its consumers.  Denmark has chosen a combination of technical, informational, and law enforcement approaches.

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