Denmark: East Jutlander music streaming case finally scheduled for court

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The Danish Rights Alliance has been informed that the case of an East Jutland man allegedly making artificially generated playbacks of music, first reported in 2018, will finally come before the Court in Aarhus in February 2024.  According to the accusation, he has received royalties for about 4.5 million kroner, to which he is not entitled.

The fact that a Danish case about copyright infringement and stream manipulation could potentially turn out to be the world’s largest has caused a stir in several Danish media, according to the Rights Alliance. In May, the case was covered by Danish media (and by Piracy Monitor).  In July, DR’s podcast “Ekstranummer” focused on the case 

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Further reading

Streaming fraud case finally comes to court. Article. August 18, 2023. Danish Rights Alliance (Rettighedsalliancen) – Auto-translated from Danish to English by Google Translate

Denmark: E. Jutland man accused of stealing music royalties and of re-publishing the works of others.  Article. May 27, 2023. by Steven Hawley. Piracy Monitor

Why it matters

In May, Maria Fredenslund, Director of the Danish Rights Alliance, said that “… When cases like this wait years to come to court, it diminishes the opportunity to set important precedents and follow suit with criminals who see opportunities in a rapidly growing digital market.”

“The long waiting times are therefore not only a big inconvenience for everyone involved. They also impair the preventive effect of the cases, which is of great importance for the protection of creative content on the Internet,” said Ms. Fredenslund.

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