EDiMA asks EU to protect member media companies that act against illegal activity

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 EDiMA, the European Digital Media Association, is calling for the introduction of a legal safeguard which would allow companies to take proactive actions to remove illegal content and activity from their services, without the risk of additional liability for those attempts to tackle illegal content.

Read further details and access EDiMA’s Position Paper about this initiative.

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Current EU rules lack this crucial provision, which has a chilling effect on service providers who want to do more to tackle illegal activity online.

In January 2020, EDiMA published a major position paper, calling upon the European Commission to introduce an Online Responsibility Framework to help internet companies in their efforts to do more to tackle illegal activity and content online.

Why it matters

EDiMA joins a variety of organizations in the media, technology and advertising industries, NGOs and governmental agencies working to address issues of infringements through collaboration, advocacy and standardized practices.

EDiMA is a coalition of leading internet companies operating in Europe. It represents the leading online marketplaces, browsers, entertainment platforms, review sites and social networks, which offer consumers some of the most popular internet products every single day.  Members include Airbnb, Allegro, Amazon, Apple, eBay, Etsy, Expedia, Facebook, Google, King, Microsoft, Mozilla, OLX, Snap, Spotify, TikTok, Twitter, Verizon Media and Yelp

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