Europol Podcast: Ransomware – Your Money or Your Files

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Europol has published Episode 6 of its cybersecurity podcast series. In 2021, Europol’s experts worked with international law enforcement and a cybersecurity company to target one of the most notorious cybercrime groups, REvil.   REvil used a ransomware-as-a-service business model to generate profits.

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Learn from a member of the Romanian police and a cybersecurity engineer from BitDefender.

Access the Podcast: Ransomware – Your Money or Your Files

Download the transcript (PDF) – Transcript. The Europol Podcast episode 6: Ransomware

Access previous episodes: The Europol Podcast

Why it matters

Although not all of the episodes are relevant to digital media, this is a series worth monitoring.  Episodes 2-3 were about organized crime communicating over encrypted networks.  Episode 5 was about malware.

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