FACT joins broadcasters and police in August anti-piracy march across Ireland

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The UK-based Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) supported a coordinated campaign across Irish counties including Mayo, Monaghan, Galway, Louth, Dublin, Cork, and Laois; where cease-and-desist notices targeted piracy operations during August.  These form part of a broader targeted campaign in Ireland designed to disrupt and shut down organised and sophisticated piracy networks.

The legal notices have already seen disruption with those targeted taking down their sites and advertising, and is sure to continue. The first wave of notices across Ireland were issued in March 2023, resulting in the takedown of a number of illegal streaming services and legal proceedings brought against individuals associated with them.

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He knew there were others out there

“I didn’t think that what I was doing was a serious offence. I didn’t think that anyone ever paid attention to copyright crime, let alone investigate and track people down for it,” said “Sean,” a former IPTV seller from the West of Ireland.

“I was shocked when they knocked at my door and now regret what I’ve done. It’s caused me so much worry and I wish I’d never got involved in the first place – it isn’t worth the stress.”

Enhanced blocking, enhanced penalties

FACT noted that the Premier League was recently granted an enhanced blocking order in Ireland, while Sky was granted a similar order, designed to protect its sports and entertainment content in the UK.

In May 2023, FACT and the Premier League announced the breakup and sentencing of a piracy group that ran several illegal operations.  Five of the organizers received a total of 30 years of prison sentences, with a sixth remaining at large.

Further reading

Enforcement action continues across Ireland targeting illegal IPTV providers.  News release. August 31, 2023.  Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT)

Why it matters

“Illegal IPTV service providers are breaking the law and putting consumers at real risk of malware, data loss and identity theft,” said FACT CEO Kieron Sharp. “Consumers who pay for pirate services should also know that they are often funding serious organised crime groups,” he said.


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