Fake streaming sites target stay-at-home consumers, conduct malicious attacks

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Image source: Mimecast

Cybersecurity company Mimecast found more than 500 domains masquerading as major streaming sites including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV. ┬áLured by free subscriptions and attractive-sounding offers, consumers sign up for fraudulent “services” and make financial donations to worthy causes that actually go to the pirates’ pockets.

Other sites tricked consumers into downloading malware or trojan software, including key-loggers and spyware designed to steal personal information.

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Read the full story by Mimecast

Why it matters

Coronavirus has thrown virtually all of the media industry’s assumptions into disarray and has created opportunities for bad actors preying on the fears of the unsuspecting public.

Mimecast reminds us of common-sense security tips, including

  • Don’t trust communications from strangers, especially if they come bearing software updates.
  • Don’t click directly on links in emails from unknown senders.
  • Use strong and unique passwords.
  • Connect only to known networks.
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