French broadcasters and ACE shutter Tunisian pirate with 14M visitors/mo.

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The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) announced the shut down of France’s second most popular illegal streaming site, Extreme-down.  

Extreme-down offered a large library of TV series and movies in French and original versions; ACE counted more than 40,000 movies and TV series episodes affecting ACE members. That library is now closed.

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ACE identified the operator in Houmt Souk, Tunisia. ACE approached the operator, who subsequently ceased the illicit operations and transferred all domains to ACE. The domains now redirect to the “Watch Legally” page on the ACE website.  The service had more than 14 million visitors each month. 

Screenshot of a 2021 version of extreme-down, taken via the Internet Archive on Feb. 14, 2023.  Attempts fail to access any content displayed on this page.

“CANAL+ Group has fought content piracy for years and, as a member of ACE, we are particularly pleased with the takedown of this notorious illegal website,” said Celine Boyer, Global Head of Content Protection at CANAL+ Group. “The elimination of this website is a massive success for the protection of rights holders in French-speaking countries.” 

Further reading:

Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment shuts down France’s second largest illegal streaming site.  Press release, February 14, 2023. ACE.

Why it matters

French premium television channel providers and ACE members CANAL+ and France Televisions worked closely with ACE and local authorities on this action. 

Nathalie Bobineau, Senior Vice President of International Development for France Televisions applauded ACE’s efforts, “…to defend copyright and successfully close down a piracy operation of this magnitude. ACE is currently the only organization able to give powerful and efficient support to our relentless fight against piracy worldwide, and we will continue to work with ACE to combat illegal operations that threaten legal content creators,” she said.  

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