From Innovation to Disruption: Avoiding a Death by a Thousand Cuts

Now that the future is here, what next?

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Updating-stock-image-for-webBy Steve Hawley & David Price

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Those of us who have been around our industry for a while may remember “the future with four anys.”  It was the shining future of TV: anywhere, anytime, over any access, to any device.  Now that this future has become a reality and many of the technology opportunities our industry pursued over the past decade (and longer) have been fulfilled, what next?

The latest article by David Price and myself, posted on Videonet, look at the evolution that got us here, including a major disruptive event that not everyone was prepared for, and its impact on the all-important topic of video security.  All the while hoping that the next decade isn’t one where disruption itself doesn’t become the new normal.

Read the entire article on Videonet

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