Google: 6.3% of Chrome users re-use online entertainment passwords

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Source article: Google

In early 2019, Google launched a password checkup extension for Chrome. In mid-August, Google blogged that out of 21 million overall users, about 1.5% (316,000) of these extension users re-used their passwords.  But Google found that online entertainment users were highest in password re-use: at 6.3%.

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Why it matters

If a password is re-used across multiple accounts, it is more likely to be intercepted and used for illicit purposes.

Consumers have the perception that online video accounts are not as “serious” as online home utility or banking accounts that also have direct links to personal financial information. And yet, paid online video accounts yield the same level of personal risk if they are hacked.

Google makes note of generic practices that improve log-in security, such as strong passwords and two-factor authentication. Video providers should complement these with video anti-piracy countermeasures that are designed specifically for that task.

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