Greece: Hellenic Police dismantle illegal TV site that made €25 million, arrest ten

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Police officers of the Hellenic Police, Patras Security Sub-Directorate, organized and executed a coordinated operation, arresting nine Greek citizens and one foreigner, including the chief and the deputy chief, in areas of Patras and Attica , the cashier and the dealers.

It was estimated that the illegal service, which consisted of a library of on-demand movie and television programming, had about 13,000 subscribers in Greece; bringing in revenue of about 25 million Euros and causing financial loss of more than 100 million Euros.

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The operators’ financial proceeds were then laundered through the purchase of real estate, through betting, and by establishing other companies.

Among the items siezed were:

  • Cash: €93,500 plus £6,400
  • Electronics, including Illicit streaming devices and mobile phones, computers and storage
  • Vehicles including six luxury cars and six motorcycles

Plus evidence consisting of customer lists and amounts of money received from them.

Long-standing operation

Police investigators found that the members of the criminal organization had been capturing and processing subscription channels for illegal re-distribution, using specialized technical means, illegal software, as well as special decoders, for more than 8 years.

Payments to the operation were processed through in-person collection, overseas online payment processors, and payments into the bank accounts of the offenders’ family members.

Further reading

Criminal organization of illegal pay-TV services dismantled – 10 arrests – more than 25 million euros in financial gain.  News release. September 29, 2023. Greek Police Headquarters

Why it matters

This police operation was the result of diligent investigative work that yielded sufficient evidence to conduct a raid, to end an ongoing criminal operation.

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