India: South Asian OTT lodges pirate complaint, uncovers major operation

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YuppTV, an online video provider in India, complained to police in Faridabad that a seller of face masks and personal protective equipment was also stealing programming from Indian TV providers and distributing it illegally.

Based on the complaint filed by YuppTV, Faridabad police conducted raids to arrest six individuals and seize computer systems for inspection, in which they found emails about the sale of illicit streaming devices

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More than 400 channels were being distributed by Boss IPTV, which is one of about eight pirate streaming sites which all were tied to the same hosting provider and IP address by the same company, which is registered to an individual who has multiple companies registered in his name.  Furthermore, several CDN providers were implicated in facilitating distribution, including

According to YuppTV’s Uday Reddy, “90 percent of the content is pirated in the Canadian market. The pirates “sell Android TV boxes with live TV pirated from india.”

Read further details in Indian Television

Why this matters

This action uncovered a piracy operation that distributed programming worldwide, and it happened on a tip.

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