Jurassic World 2nd-most streamed, a week before release, says MUSO

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The largest daily spikes in demand for the latest Jurassic franchise film took place a week prior to its official digital release on July 14th, according to MUSO, a company that measures demand for content online, including infringing instances of content distributed via illegal distribution channels.

MUSO published data about several current and upcoming movie releases to illustrate the ongoing piracy threat online. For one, 32.4% of all piracy demand for The Black Phone 2022 in July was from US audiences.  Between June 26th to July 25th The Black Phone 2022 accounted for 6.6% of total piracy within the top ten film titles.

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Top 10 films, June 26 to July 25, streaming & torrent. Data from MUSO.com

Nordic view

Films produced or co-produced by Nordic companies (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland) do not rank highly, with only Swedish production companies ranking in the top 20 in 20th place globally between April to June 2022.

However, MUSO found that Nordic countries accounted for 937.4m visits to piracy websites between April and June, equating to 37.5 visits per connected internet user in this region.

See the full MUSO article “Monthly Film Data Insights – August 2022

Why it matters

While the data is useful to see the size of the problem, piracy data is also used by studios and networks to better understand global audiences and content demand, by cinema groups to maximize revenue, by distributors to identify titles to license, and to inform anti-piracy strategies, says MUSO.

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