UK: Barbie & Ken want you to see them at cinemas

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Come on, Barbie, let’s go to the cinema! Moments Worth Paying For presented a message for UK and Irish audiences from Barbie and Ken ahead of Warner Bros. Pictures’ Barbie, which releases in cinemas on July 21, 2023. It’s an initiative by the UK’s Industry Trust for IP Awareness to encourage consumers to watch legally and support cinema.

“Having Hollywood A-listers Margot Robbie and Simu Liu come together and deliver our bespoke Moments Worth Paying For message is a powerful endorsement of the continued work across BASE’s consumer education work,” said Sylvia Dick, Head of Audience Engagement, British Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE). “Cinema remains the best viewing experience for new releases, with this trailer driving engagement for local screens across the UK and Ireland.

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Watch the video

Moments Worth Paying For presents a special message from the cast of Barbie.  Promotional video.  June 2, 2023. Industry Trust for IP Awareness.

Why it matters

This video is a gentle reinforcement to encourage moviegoers to see movies in theatres, not through pirate services.  The Industry Trust is the UK film, TV and video industry’s consumer education body, promoting the value of copyright and creativity.

Industry funded, the Industry Trust aims to address the ongoing challenge of film and TV copyright infringement by inspiring audiences to value great movie moments and choose to watch film, TV and video via legitimate sources. The Industry Trust has more than 40 members, including distributors, cinemas and on and offline retailers.

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