Netherlands: Anti-piracy org BREIN reports on 1H-2020 efforts

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BREIN, a Dutch anti-piracy organization, announced its accomplishments for the first half of 2020, including 250 legal actions and more than 1,000 anti-piracy interventions.  BREIN was involved in orders by the Amsterdam Court to block about 175 proxies and mirrors of the well known Pirate Bay site.

Many infringement cases are resolved out of court by emailing or calling the offenders.  Settlements consist of ceasing infringing operations, promising not to resume, and sometimes paying penalties and legal costs.

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The BREIN Foundation fights the violation of Intellectual Property on behalf of the producers and distributors of TV and Film, Music, Books, Software and other works by creative professionals in The Netherlands.

Read BREIN’s Press Release (Translated from Dutch to English via Google Translate)

Why it matters

Penalties against pirates can be stiff in The Netherlands, especially for repeat offenders.  In 2017, a pirate operator was caught selling services via illicit streaming devices and entered a €40,000 settlement agreement with BREIN and agreed to cease operations.  In July 2020, the same pirate was caught selling illegal streaming packages via two sites registered under his girlfriend, and now must pay €10,000 per day to a maximum of €500,000 and must identify additional parties, such as resellers, who in turn will pay €1,000 per day up to a €100k maximum.  The pirate must also pay BREIN’s legal fees.

In The Netherlands, distributors – such as Web sites – must comply with third party requests for information about infringement, according to Dutch Supreme Court ruling CO4/234HR.

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