October is Cybersecurity Month. US CISA and USTA publish reports & guidelines

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October is Cyber Security Month, an initiative by the US Cybersecurity & Infrastructructure Security Agency (CISA).  CISA is a risk advisor that helps agencies, enterprises, organizations and institutions defend against cyber threats and collaborates to build more secure and resilient infrastructure.

CISA’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month Web portal links to tools to help address cybersecurity risks and to protect yourself online.

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CISA resources include:

Also in recognition of Cyber Security Month, the national trade association USTelecom published several reports about cybersecurity and threats to networks and devices.

The USTA reports include:

Access these reports and others, via USTA’s Cybersecurity Action Center: Resources to Combat Cyber Security Threats

Why it matters

Cybersecurity and device security are essential parts of the anti-piracy arsenal.  These resources provide a wealth of information for those who need to understand the nature and scope of cyber-related issues, and practices toward fighting cyber-risks.  USTA considers cybersecurity to be core to its mission.

In response to the Biden Administration’s May 2021 executive order to improve national cybersecurity, USTA President and CEO Jonathan Spalter said “The United States is by far the No. 1 global target of cybersecurity threats – most of which originate from countries far from friendly to our national interests. (Biden’s) Executive Order meets the moment with a serious and comprehensive framework to strengthen our overall cybersecurity posture.”

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