Piracy arrests in Nigeria are from the old school

In advanced media markets, the focus of video pirates has been to steal digital content and services from devices, from apps, during the process of transport over networks, or through breaches in service delivery infrastructure.

But in emerging markets, piracy of content on physical media continues to occur. This week, the Lagos State Film and Video Censors Board (LSFVCB) announced that raids in collaboration with government agencies had arrested pirates who sold physical DVDs, CDs, film production equipment and other items. Piracy is recognized in Nigeria as a threat to the film and media industries in the country.

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Read the entire article in PM News (Nigeria)

Why it’s important

From our perches in advanced media markets, it’s a bit of a surprise to see cases that involve the theft of physical media. But in emerging markets, physical media continues to be a viable distribution media, and it’s as susceptible to piracy as it has ever been.

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