Piracy was up across the Nordics in 2021, says Sweden’s Mediavision

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The report found that 17% of all people 15-74 years old in the Nordics, on average, have illegally streamed or downloaded films and TV episodes in the past month, though this significantly varies from country to country.


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The number of pirates has increased in the past 12 months across Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. In contrast with 13% for Finland and Denmark, Sweden has the highest prevalence of pirates, with 20% of all 15-74 year olds engaging in the practice.

Read the Mediavision press release

Why it matters

This and most other recent piracy reporting out of Europe has chronicled an increase in piracy rates over the past year, in contrast with reporting from the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office, which has contended that piracy was trending down.

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