Summit: Moving toward 360-degree video security

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By Colin Dixon, Chief Analyst & Founder, nScreenMedia

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How big a problem is video piracy? What should a video provider do about it? In this interview with Derek Chang, CEO of FriendMTS, he explains why piracy is a huge problem for the video industry, why it takes a village to address it, and why providers need 360-degree video security.

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Part 1: Why video businesses need to take piracy and security seriously (1:00)

Piracy is often an area ignored by fast-growing companies. Mr. Chang points out the many reasons a video business may not be focused on piracy and the security of its content. He also says security is taken very seriously by many other industries and that it is important for video providers to do the same.

Part 2: It takes a village! (6:30)

The fact that it is easy for pirates to steal content is a problem for the whole industry. Mr. Chang explains why companies need to address piracy by implementing security solutions across the whole industry.

Part 3: How to pick a security partner (7:40)

There are many approaches that a video provider can take to secure its content. Mr. Chang says that there are several things companies should expect from security providers as they implement security solutions. When they are done, they need to have in place a 360-degree video security solution.

Part 4: Boosting revenue as growth slows (12:40)

Much of the digital video industry has been focused on growth for the last several years. However, as the digital video industry matures, companies are beginning to look at improving revenue performance. Reducing piracy is one of the best ways to boost revenue without having to invest in more content.

At the Video Security Summit, join Piracy Monitor, nScreenMedia, FriendMTS, and many other industry leaders to learn more about piracy and video security. This unique virtual event runs for two mornings on October 19thand 20th. Registration is free through October 6th. Sign up today.


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