Synamedia: A Guide to Addressing Streaming Video Credentials Sharing the Smart Way

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[Sponsored] There are two forms of video account credential sharing: casual and fraudulent.  While technically, casual sharing among family and friends as a goodwill gesture is rights infringement, it has become so prevalent that it’s now considered a social norm.

Then there’s fraudulent sharing, in which hackers obtain compromised credentials sold via the dark web. Using account checkers and bots, they validate these credentials against the video service and then offer them on marketplaces for a lower price than a legitimate subscription.

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The major factor driving both is cost. Read Synamedia’s credential sharing paper to learn about credential sharing and password fraud in action, its impact on video business, and ways that video providers can address the problem.

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Synamedia is a sponsor of Piracy Monitor, an independent information service with the mission to inform about video piracy: the size of the problem, how it happens, the damage it causes, what’s being done about it, and about countermeasures and practices that help reduce the associated risks.

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