TAG & BSI survey: Ad piracy damages consumer brands

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Source: TAG and BSI

The Trustworthy Accountability Group and the Brand Safety Institute released findings from a survey of more than 1,000 US consumers, highlighting the financial risk to brands stemming from advertising that consumers considered to be inappropriately placed or associated with stolen content.

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The survey found that more than three quarters of consumers would reduce their spending on products that they found advertised on stolen videos and nearly half would stop spending altogether.  If the ad was found to infect their computers, nearly all of these consumers would reduce spending on the associated brands and about 3/4 would stop altogether.

Read the entire Trustworthy Accountability Group press release and detailed findings on the TAG Web site.

What it means

While content theft (piracy) is usually associated revenue loss for TV services, movies and streaming, the impact of advertising theft and mis-use puts the ad-driven business models of television themselves at risk.  Ad piracy is a direct threat to the advertising revenue that TV programmers and distributors count on, and it causes reputational damage to both the video providers and their advertisers.

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