Taiwan: Teamwork shuts down ‘top video piracy’ Web site

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Taiwan’s Criminal Investigation Bureau has reportedly shut down the country’s largest video piracy Web site, in collaboration with local TV networks, Japan’s Content Overseas Distribution Association and the Motion Picture Association.   Its servers were located in the US, Canada, Ukraine, France and Romania and had a Russian domain name.

It was estimated that the pirate download site had about 30 million users, infinged on copyright for movies and TV shows produced across multiple East Asian countries, Europe and the US.  The site was also reported to be making significant revenue from advertising.

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Authorities siezed bank accounts and properties from the two men who operated the site, who also were arrested.

Read the original report in the Taipei Times 

Why it matters

This anti-piracy operation was successful because of a collaboration between law enforcement agencies across multiple countries, rights holders, and industry organizations; again reinforcing that technology alone is not the sole solution for attacking piracy.

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