UK’s Industry Trust gets recognition, deploys Minions against piracy

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Exclusive new content from Minions: The Rise of Gru by Universal Pictures is being shared as part of the Moments Worth Paying For campaign by The Industry Trust for IP Awareness, which reminds audiences of “the magic of watching films first on the big screen.”

The Industry Trust received the IP Champion Award for the Moments Worth Paying For campaign at the Alliance For Intellectual Property’s Summer Reception. The Industry Trust has produced 33 innovative content-led education trailer
Who they are.
The Industry Trust is the UK film, TV and video industry’s consumer education body, promoting the value of copyright and creativity. Its consumer awareness programmes address the on-going challenge of film and TV copyright infringement by inspiring audiences to value great movie moments and choose to watch film, TV and video via legitimate sources. Industry funded, their work aims to engage three distinct audience groups: young people, 16-34-year-old men; and parents, providing extensive insight around audience attitudes and understanding of intellectual property.
Tangible results
According to Liz Bales, Chief Executive of the Industry Trust, the Moments Worth Paying For campaign has had more than two billion ad impressions for its messaging with its target audience over the past six years, with an estimated media value of £49.3 million.
“Campaign performance has improved year on year; in 2016 for every £1 spent, the campaign delivered an ROI of £55 and reached an audience of 3,000 – ending the year with just under £10m in media value,” she said.
Why it matters

Consumer awareness is an important component of anti-piracy.  Similar initiatives, including CTAM’s Stream Safely, and copyright awareness campaigns by Creative Content Australia and US-based CreativeFuture, are additional examples.

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The Moments Worth Paying For campaign, by The Industry Trust, is intended to inspire viewers to respect the value of creative content by demonstrating that film, TV and video have an entertainment value worth paying for. The campaign points consumers to the organization’s legal film search-engine,, to discover legal films across all formats.

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