Video Security Summit: Emerging technologies aren’t necessarily panaceas

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By Jeff Berman, M&E Connections

“Everything in this world is digital” now so video content companies need to make sure that their viewers, “100 percent of the time,” can trust the content, digital transactions and systems being used, according to Scott Carlson, head of digital asset security at Kudelski Security.

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When it comes to security, there continue to be some companies that take the position of “let’s watch what happens and try to enforce at some point in the future,” he said June 14 during a session on “Emerging piracy use-cases and anti-piracy countermeasures at the online 2022 Video Security Summit.

“I’m sad that some people act like this: very defensive and they are like, ‘Where did my content go? Oh, look, it’s over there. Now what do we do?’”

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Why it matters

“Content companies can’t just rely on one technology to combat piracy. A holistic approach to security is crucial,” said Mr Carlson, noting that will often include watermarking and smart legal contracts.

The Spring 2022 Video Security Summit was conducted by Piracy Monitor on June 14, 2022.  The first Summit was in October 2021.

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