Netflix reported to be testing 2FA as a credential abuse countermeasure

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Netflix has reportedly initated a trial of two-factor authentication, to help fight infringing use of Netflix consumer accounts.

A Netflix company representative quoted by The Washington Post notes that it’s “to help ensure that people using Netflix accounts are authorized to do so,” which also references a 2019 comment made in a Netflix investor call, that there are ‘consumer-friendly ways’ to monitor password sharing.

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Why it matters

Netflix makes passing reference to anti-piracy countermeasures from time to time.  Rights-holders and distributors are reluctant to reveal whether (and how) they implement anti-piracy.  They don’t want to tip pirates toward circumventing any protections that may be in place to protect the video provider or its customers from fraud or malicious cyber attack.

Companies like Netflix also use clever positioning to throw people off the trail, along the lines of “Why would anyone want to steal an account that’s worth only ten dollars?”

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