Arkose Labs: More Than Half of Social Media Logins Are Fraudulent

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Source: Arkose Labs

“Social media sites have become lucrative targets for criminals looking for quick monetization. More than half of logins (53%) on social media sites are fraudulent and 25% of all new account applications on social media are fraud”

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Read the entire press release and download Arkose’s report

What it means

Video Web sites operated by some pay TV providers and by most direct-to-consumer premium video services allow consumers to log in using their social media account identifications.

Video providers would be wise to require consumers to sign up using email accounts, and verify their accounts through a clickable confirmation email, rather than solely through social media accounts, before granting access.  Confirmed legitimate users can later associate their social IDs with their accounts.

Providers should also verify that an attempted social login is from a social account that has been associated with a legimitate end user account by the account holder.

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