Synamedia: Combatting streaming piracy requires industry-wide collaboration (Videonet)

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By Avigail Gutman, Vice President of Intelligence & Security Operations, Synamedia

For streaming providers, it’s a battle to confound and curtail pirate activity at a time when content costs are spiralling, revenue leakage from casual credentials sharing is rising, and most are struggling to turn a profit.

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The industry needs to collaborate to stem the tide and sink video pirates.  Lessons can be learned from the music industry 15 years ago, when everyone in the industry was encouraged to take an active role in fighting illegal music distribution. Through collaboration and bringing down Napster, the industry turned a corner. It wasn’t the end of illegal streaming, but it gave record companies, artists and rights owners a chance to reinvent their business and survive.

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Why it matters

Technology is just one of an array of anti-piracy tools, which also should include ongoing collaboration among video provider peers, Internet access and search providers, law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and industry associations as well.

Synamedia is a sponsor of Piracy Monitor, an independent information service with the mission to inform about video piracy: the size of the problem, how it happens, the damage it causes, what’s being done about it, and about countermeasures and practices that help reduce the associated risks.

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