Asia: Collaboration and outreach with regulators makes for anti-piracy progress in the region

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Image source: AVIA CAP

Collaboration, Engagement & Outreach, Enforcement & Disruption, and Research & technology (AVIA-CAP).  These are the four pillars of the Asia Video Industry Association’s Coalition Against Piracy  The organization’s March 2023 report cited a range of accomplishments in the South Asia region and Taiwan.

On the engagement front,  CAP and its members, including Globe and the MPA, provided a Congressman in the Phillippines with model site blocking provisions to a proposed revision to the country’s IP code.  Realizing that it could take time to pass the regulation, CAP worked with members of Congress and the Senate to produce a separate bill which has passed.  CAP is working with potential sponsors in the Senate to produce a matching bill.

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In a separate outreach effort, CAP joined an industry delegation to the Taiwan National Communications Commission and the Ministry of Culture to promote stronger copyright protection and site blocking regulation.  Further efforts are underway with the MPA and local proponents to engage with government offiials as the year progresses.

CAP also met with regulators in Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong during February, with Korean broadcasters, and with both Google and Meta

Enforcement and disruption

By 2022 year-end, CAP had referred more than 1,200 sites for DNS blocking and 200 for IP blocking in Indonesia, and has continued to refer about 50 IP sites twice per month.

CAP is also referring sites to Malaysian regulator MDTCA every six to eight weeks, and met with the regulator, joined by the media companies Astro, and TVB and by the Premier League via videoconference.

On the technological front, CAP is in the process of updating its MagiCAP anti-piracy portal for use by its member organiztions, which also provides evidence of piracy to support its efforts with regulators and law enforcement.  It is also considering an expansion of its coverage to include illicit streaming devices and fraudulent apps

Further reading

Asia Video Pulse – March 2023 Edition. Report (PDF), March 21, 2023. Asia Video Industry Association.

Why it matters

These items represent a long-term effort and continual engagement, involving ongoing investment.  As an association, it can rely upon well-engaged member companies in these individual countries both for funding, and also to give voice to these piracy situations as constituents.

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