AVIA: Asia Video Industry Association publishes 2020 Report

The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA, formerly CASBAA) has released the Asia Video Industry Report 2020. AVIA is a trade association for the video industry ecosystem in Asia, based in Hong Kong. It helps facilitate work between video providers and national governments in the fight against video piracy.

The general theme of the report is that while some significant progress has been made against piracy – such as a 15% decline in Indonesia and the criminalization of illicit streaming devices in Singapore – it also identifies some continuing challenges.

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In the report, AVIA Chief Policy Officer John Medeiros says that the biggest threat to legitimate video providers is not local competition by alternative legitimate providers, but rather, competition from pirates. It’s a “struggle to win the same eyeballs.”

AVIA sees governmental organizations across its region becoming awake to video piracy and in the midst of developing policy proposals. There are concerns that new regulation may be based on “legacy broadcast regulation,” rather than today’s concerns about illegal distribution over the Internet and social media.

Why it matters

AVIA is a regional organization facing the same global concerns as US-based organizations like ACE and MESA, Latin American organizations like Alianza (the Alliance Against Piracy of Pay TV), and other organizations in Europe and elsewhere.

All of them are making progress against video piracy but all recognize enormous challenges that remain ahead.

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