iQiYi: Online video provider receives ChinaDRM Lab accreditation

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Image source: iQIYI

iQIYI, the China-based online entertainment provider, has become the first home-country recipient of the ChinaDRM Lab acreditation, which signifies that it has passed a security evalation test given by a department of China’s  National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA).

The test involved the embedding and extraction of forensic watermarks into video content.  The video is then subjected to attacks such as geometric distortion, cropping and noise insertion, in attempt to render the watermark unreadable so that the content’s source can’t be identified.

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Further details are contained in the iQIYI news release

Why it matters

iQIYI is the first China-based online video provider to receive the ChinaDRM Lab accreditation.  It’s also noteworthy that iQIYI anti-piracy solution was developed in-house, and not provided by an outside technology company.

Most of the illicit streaming devices sold to consumers around the world originate from manufacturers in China.

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