CERTAL calls on LatAm governments to add site blocking to 2023 agendas

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CERTAL, the Center for Studies for the Development of Telecommunications and Access to the Information Society of Latin America, announced the signing of a new Global Anti-Piracy Pact (Pacto Global Antipirateria), by more than twenty public and private companies from the region.

The new Global Anti-Piracy Pact defines joint activities between companies and governments, aimed at raising awareness and educating about this problem and the consequences of piracy, strengthening the fight against it, defending of intellectual property rights, sharing technology information, proposing and establishing new standards, best practice protocols and regulations, and to protect industry.

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Member organizations are identified in the graphic below (at the end of this article).

Revenue channels and anti-piracy countermeasures

The Pact recognizes three primary revenue channels:

  • Revenue derived from advertisements placed by programmatic ad platforms,
  • Income generated through subscription fees, and
  • Revenue from the sale of illegal devices that allow their buyers to access illegal content.

Signatories will be required to implement forensic watermarking, and to “create entities specialized in anti-piracy matters, and the companies that are part of this agreement undertake to coordinate regular training schedules … for the personnel that are part of the aforementioned entities.”

Legislative agenda

The Pact sets a goal to lobby governments commit to putting procedures in place during 2023, to block illegal streaming sites into their legislative agenda, and to prevent Internet service providers (ISPs) from retransmitting of illegal content. Signatory organizations, for their part, will actively promote and cooperate with respect to the implementation.

Further details

The announcement took place at the CERTAL Latin American Telecommunications Summit on December 5 at the offices of the Organization of American States (OAS), together with the Inter-American Commission on Telecommunications (CITEL).

Read the Pact: CERTAL Documento Pacto Global ES 2022 (PDF, in Spanish)

Read the announcement by CERTAL, Global Anti-Piracy Pact, December 15, 2022 (auto-translated from Spanish to English by Google Translate)

Read the article by CERTAL, Promoting the Anti-Piracy Pact, November 11, 2022 (auto-translated from Spanish to English by Google Translate)

Why it matters

“Piracy of audiovisual content in the digital environment is one of the main problems that afflicts the entire audiovisual industry, copyright and intellectual property. Not only does it seriously injure its owners, but it also aggravates the production industry, content transmission, users and the States themselves, also discouraging investment,” according to the preamble to CERTAL’s Anti Piracy Pact.

“For this reason, the fight against digital piracy must be conceived as of public interest and to achieve it, union, coordination and collaboration between the public and private sectors is essential,” they said

CERTAL was founded in 2010 as a non-profit organization that arose from the regulation meetings that were held within the framework of the events Punta Show Summit (Uruguay) and Chile Media Show Summit.


Member organizations to CERTAL’s Global Anti-Piracy Pact (Source: CERTAL)


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