CreativeFuture: YouTube anti-piracy protects ‘Big Media’ but less-so individual creatives

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Rights advocate CreativeFuture posted an opinion article taking the position that large media distributors and their allies use ‘free speech’ and ‘fair use’ arguments to distract rights advocates from YouTube’s apparent policy to limite the availability of its automated anti-piracy tools to individual creators.

YouTube’s suite of automated content protection tools includes its Content ID and Content Verification Program (CVP), which detect infringing distribution, Copyright Match, which locates full versions of videos but only if the originator has previously uploaded a copy; and YouTube’s Copyright Takeodown Webform which has to be used every time a stolen copy appears or reappears on the platform.

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Read the full article via CreativeFuture

Why it matters

While CreativeFuture notes that YouTube’s Content Verification Program is well suited to smaller and individual creatives, and should be expanded, YouTube’s access to Content ID is designed for large scale content owners and access for smaller creatives is limited.

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