Denmark: Sentences handed down for Plex family sharer and for DanishBits

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Rights AllianceDenmark’s Rights Alliance provided updates on two cases that it has been involved with.  First, the operator of the DanishBits pirate site – one of the last two pirate sites operating from Denmark and now shut down – has been sentenced to a year in prison.  Piracy Monitor readers will recognize DanishBits from past articles.

Read the full Rights Alliance article about DanishBits (Translated from Danish via Google Translate)

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The other case, initially reported to Danish law enforcement by the Rights Alliance in 2019, is against a consumer who was sharing more than 9,000 video titles with friends and family via a Plex server.  Plex itself is a widely used (and legal) media center solution – being used for illegal purposes: to distribute copyrighted content without license to do so.  The content was acquired both through legal and illegal distribution channels.  The offender received a sentence of 30 days’ probation.

Read the full Rights Alliance article about this Plex case (Translated via Google)

Why it matters

According to a March 2021 survey conducted independently for the Rights Alliance, 31% of Danes share their access to a content service with people outside the household. 

Rights Alliance has been issuing regular updates about piracy cases in Denmark, with the intention of raising awareness of piracy and its consequences.  Awareness is an important part of an overall anti-piracy initiative, to the benefit of consumers, the media industry. It also provides examples that law enforcement, legal professionals, and regulators can learn from as they develop anti-piracy programs in their own countries.

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