UK: RAFer convicted for fraud, sentenced and demoted

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Image source: FACT

The UK-based Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) reported the arrest and sentencing of a Royal Air Force Corporal, who also received a reduction in rank. The case was the result of a partnership between FACT and the RAF.

The serviceman sold illegal services pre-loaded into legal streaming devices, which provided access to premium sport, TV and films, and was convicted of conspiracy to defraud and loss of service property.

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Read the original report via FACT

Why it matters

“Those running illegal streaming services are committing a serious crime and must be held accountable for their actions,” said FACT Chief Executive Kieron Sharp. “This result shows the serious consequences faced by individuals who choose to break the law by supplying illegal content. This type of conviction will have a significant and long-lasting effect on this individual’s career and future opportunities.

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