European Union launches 2021 anti-counterfeit awareness campaign

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Coinciding with World Anti-Counterfeiting Day (June 10), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) published a backgrounder for a public awareness campaign titled Risks and Damages Posed by IPR Infringement in Europe.

The backgrounder cites a 2019 EU study finding that €1 billion of unlawful revenue is generated every year by the supply and consumption of copyright-infringing digital content in the EU through illegal streaming services (“IPTV”), which were used by nearly 4% of the EU’s population (13.7 million people in 2019).

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By reviewing public discussions on social media sites, EUIPO research found that 35% of conversations on digital content may relate to piracy, with film and music piracy being the areas most discussed.  Such discussions increased last spring at the outset of the COVID pandemic.

It makes for interesting reading.

View Risks and Damages Posed by IPR Infringement in Europe.


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